Here we go. This is from a post on Facebook I have seen. Some keen young boys that will stack your firewood. I have been in contact with parents and all was approved for me to use there services if any my customers wanted there wood stacked. As alot of you are aware I have struggled the last couple of years to get firewood stackers. They work on weekends and through the school holidays and we the school holidays coming upon us next week I think. I hope we can get these kids some work. Contact me if you need or ask me when you order your firewood.

Do you need you logs stacking? 16 year old son is a great stacker and he is looking for work. $10 a cubic metre to stack, $20 to split (if you own a mechanical one) and stack (or cart and stack) $30 if carting (wheel barrow) spitting and stacking.

Jobs quoted fixed price too.

Available weekends and this School holidays first week.

Pipers Creek based. Will travel within Macedon Ranges area (via Mum or Dad!)

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