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 Buying and Selling Firewood 

The Victorian Trade Measurement Act 1995 and Trade Measurement Regulations 1995 controls:

Transactions by measurement, the use of measuring instruments for trade, the certification of measuring instruments for trade & pre-packed articles.


Firewood may be sold by mass, volume or the lot:

The Lot

It is permissible to sell firewood by as a stack, trailer load or truck load. But if sold by this method, there must not be any reference to the mass or volume comply with the requirements of a sale by mass or volume.

Converting Volume to Mass

Due to varying wood densities, moisture content and differing amounts of free space when the wood is stacked, it is not possible to convert mass to volume and vice versa. Therefore, a seller should not claim, guess or assume that a certain volume relates to a mass measurement. This is not a defence in a case of short measurement.

Pre-packed Firewood

If firewood is being sold in small pre-packed quantities (bags, bundles, etc), the seller must state on the outside of the package:

the measurement of firewood in the package, the name and address (not a post office box)


Firewood being offered or advertised for sale at a price determined by its measurement must be measured in tonnes (t), kilograms (kg), or cubic metres (m3).

Courtesy of Consumer Affairs Website of Victoria

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