Hi All, As we are having issues getting redgum of consistent quality and coming from the same areas density of the firewood is varying a lot and very heavy. It is still reasonably quality for burning. It is hard to maintain a cubic meter price, as the variance of weight is too big. Selling by the tonne I feel is the fairest way to go. A tonne is a tonne. No price variance that way. It has been doing my head in the last few week as I would be loosing money on loads. Not the way you want a business to go,  We have a weighbridge, we have scales on our loader and even our forklift. All loads get weighed regardless for inventory here. Sorry if some of you may not like this way, but 10 year ago it was the only way I would sell firewood. i don’t buy it by the cubic meter, I buy it by the tonne. We have some big changes happening for next year too, as we are buying a state of the are wood cleaner due to arrive in August. I wish it was sooner. Take care keep warm. i will do my best to do that.

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