Hi All, Now we have the our new state of the art wood cleaning trommel made in Victoria by Australia’s No 1 firewood processing equipment maker Whitland Engineering, selling by weight is the best honest option to sell firewood. A tonne is a tonne. You will get more burnable firewood in your loads, including a bit kindling wood to help you start your fires. That works out a lot cheaper than buying bags of kindling too 🙂 We now buy most of our wood already split due to staff shortage. How many wood sellers stack there meters to give you proper measurement? Probably none. I use to 23 years ago and did it for a few years, but the volume of firewood we are selling now there isn’t the time or man power to do so. As much as our trucks are oversized to carry the correct cubic meters when full and they are pretty accurate, there is still a give and take amount as size of split plays a major part of accuracy. Some will be hesitate, like what if the wood is rained on, well we do allow 5 to 10% extra if it has been rain effected. We don’t often have that problem as the high volume of wood we sell the wood doesn’t stay in the yard very long. The other problem we have is when we would sell smaller cubic meter loads that don’t fill the trucks we are guessing a lot to give you the correct amount, and I have never been happy about that. What I think is right another staff member might think different, but where a tonne is a tonne to all of us here. For your information we have a weighbridge, we have scales on the loader and even the forklift. All loads go over the weighbridge regardless before they are delivered. If you would like a weighbridge docket please let us know. I have the a video link for the some of the trommels if you are interested. I have the one one with the lot. I do have a video of mine at work in the woodyard too on my Facebook page.

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