Hi All, Here we go again.

Website is up and running like it was yesterday. Quantities are mainly limited to tonnes. We are still about a week behind on deliveries.

Yard will be open for pick ups from Wednesday. We need a bit of time to catch up as we had a breakdown in the yard which has affected the about of split wood produced today, but the boys did a great job.

Face masks must be worn if you come out of our vehicle if you in the yard. I feel sorry for the Sunbury and Hume Shire customers as I have been informed you face a hefty fine if you come and pick up firewood from us.I did try by suggesting online purchase that would show you had proof you where on the way to pick up wood but advised you may still be fined. You may as well buy a 2.5 tonne load for $925 delivered than pay a $1600  fine!! Anyway take care stay safe and healthy.

Cheers The Wood Bloke Over and out! L OL

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