Hi All just letting you all know there has been a huge increase on gas prices in July and this year that my supplier can’t absorb which has made an increase to our 45kg cylinders by $10.

Notice from Supplier Below

Price increase of LP Gas as of Thursday 1st July 2021

A number of factors have impacted the LP Gas Market, a substantial increase in the price of Oil, a devaluation of the Australian dollar and a world recovery after the COVID Pandemic.This has led to an unseasonal shift upward in gas over the last few months, we now have no option but to increase our prices. Almost all of the gas in Victoria is sourced via Exxon Mobil out of Bass Strait, Exxon Mobil price locally produced LP Gas at International rates, this calculation includes the oil price, conversion of Australian Dollar to US Dollars and supply and demand in the Northern Hemishere.

This has usually worked well for the Australian market, as prices usually decrease in our winter and increase over the summer, when we don’t use as much, this allows us to maintain a fairly stable price over the year. Unfortunately, this year the opposite has happened.

LP Gas is a very cost-effective fuel for home heating, Hot Water, Cooking and has multiple commercial applications.

LP Gas pricing has been fairly stable for the last 10 years or more, and it will continue to be a very efficient energy for your home or business.


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