Hi All,

Not a good week. I have stopped taking orders in the short  term. I hope to be able to make a better informed decision on Monday as the load of wood I will be getting is of very average quality at a sky high price. If I believe this firewood is not really good burning quality I will have to stop taking orders. I have a good reputation I would like to keep it. As much as I like to take your money I don’t want to feel like I am stealing it. Life is hard enough all for us at moment and no point buying wood to keep you warm next year. On the humorous side it will get you warm stacking it away. Hopefully I have a positive outcome on Monday and the load of wood is burnable from then on..Fingers crossed!!

Pick ups from yard is still available at this point of time

Feel free to send me an email to sales@woodbloke.com.au

Cheers The Wood Bloke

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