Hi All, i hope to be up and running again but this afternoon. The firewood that turned up to day is mixed with some green firewood between 25% and 30% but most of it is between the ideal 15% to 25%. I have put green wood in my run down fire and took a bit to get going (45 minutes) and not going that well once I dampened the fire down but going not throwing out the best of heat, If mixed with the dryer wood it will burn okay which is in the the firewood load, but still not ideal the way I would like to sell firewood. If you have another source of heating I would recommend you use that than buy this firewood at a premium price. i would not recommend this firewood even at the best of times with wood heaters that are Canadian, USA, or German made, or countries where the firewood is not as dense as our firewood

Please email me with any concerns sales@woodbloke.com.au

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